The Power of Your Profiles - Vanessa Panter

What’s the number one most neglected piece of marketing content?

(No official stats here, this is my take based on experience alone)

Your online profiles

You set them up, and then you leave them, because you rarely look at your own profile.


Social media profiles are often the top search results for your business. So make them as informative and engaging as your homepage.  Your profile may be one of the first places that a potential client interacts with your brand, so it’s worth spending some time on them.

Let’s take a look at the key components:

Name Please, please, please make your name searchable – as in either your name or the name of your business.  Nothing fancy, clever or humorous!  Depending on the channel you may have a user name and a display name, be consistent to make it easier to be found.  Choosing the right name is important, as you may find it difficult to change it in future, so spend some time researching name son every channel that you may use.  You don’t want to get all set up on Facebook then find that your name is taken on Instagram!

Profile Pic Logo or head shot?  If you’re the face of your business, I’d say head shot every time.  Use the same image across all channels, to help with awareness and recognition.  This is the image that will appear next to your posts, it’s not very big, so a long brand name or logo may not fit well and be difficult to see if reduced in size.

Bio Your elevator pitch! Can be short (Insta) or up to 2000 characters (LinkedIn).  Write your story out then edit repeatedly until you can get your message across in a couple of sentences. Use key words to help you get found.  If you have a mission statement this should be all you need for the shortest bios and can be used as your headline where you can write a longer story.

Cover Image Get your brand personality and message across in a cover image which includes a simple sentence that sums up your business.  If the channel allows you can try using video. You can also include a ‘clickable’ link, in Facebook the whole image is clickable and will lead through to a post where you can include a link.  Where this isn’t an option include your contact details as text in your cover image.

Links Where to next?  Top tip – not your website homepage.  Why? Because your taking people from one intro page to another.  Make it interesting and strategic.  You can link to:

  • A social specific landing page – so that you can track links
  • A linktree
  • An offer landing page
  • Your email sign-up page
  • A freebie
  • A survey
  • An evergreen blog
  • Your about page
  • Your services page
  • Your appointment scheduler

Think about your current marketing objectives and use this space to nudge people along their buying journey with you.

Profiles can by dynamic 

Update them every quarter or whenever you launch a new campaign. If you follow my SPAA* system you’ll be working to a rolling quarterly plan, so edit your profile to support your main objective that quarter.

Take a look at your profiles today and see if you can make them work harder for you.

* My SPAA system (It stands for Strategy, Planning, Action and Accountability) is my system for creating marketing that is more effective, more manageable and more enjoyable!  Grab a chat with meto find out more.


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