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Marketing Coaching and Mentoring

4 x 1-hour sessions at a time to suit you.

My Marketing Coaching and Mentoring sessions are an opportunity for you to have expert back up and support when you need it.

You simply purchase a block of 4 x Zoom sessions and tell me when you want to take them.  
Weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If you want some 1-2-1 support, guidance, training or to create and share ideas, this is for you. If you need some help knowing what to do and staying on track I can help you.

I want you to get clear on your marketing and I’ll provide you with support and practical guidance to help you achieve your goals.

We’ll use my SPAA system to get clear on what you want to achieve, create a plan of action that works for YOU.  You’ll be in the driving seat, it’s your business after all, and I’ll be here to advise, guide and cajole you if need be to stay on plan.

I’ll bring to your business over 20 years’ of marketing experience in organisations of different sizes, from start-ups to national well-known names.  I’m used to working with business owners who KNOW that they need marketing, but need some direction.

What is SPAA?

SPAA sits at the heart of my marketing method.  It stands for Strategy, Planning, Action and Accountability.

I believe that thinking strategically is vital for a healthy business.  Yes, there are some lucky people who look like they are winging it and winning, but most of us need a carefully thought out route map for our businesses. I know that I do!

Planning is my thing!  Getting organised and having a plan is super important to me, and it’s something that I love to do.  It means that I know what I need to be doing and when, and stops me from procrastinating. So helping you create a plan is a key part of what I do.

A plan is nothing without action!  Once you’ve created it you have to make it happen, and that’s where accountability comes in. Sometimes we all need a bit of support to keep us on track!

With a four-session commitment I can get to know you and your business better, and you know that you have support in the bag for when you need it.  

A block of four coaching and mentoring sessions is £300.


Meet Vanessa 

I’m in business to help your business succeed.

My experience in marketing spans more than 2 decades.  I’ve worked in national FTSE companies and small, growing business.  I’ve been an employee in a company of thousands, and worked with solo-business owners.  I’ve worked on well-known UK brands in the UK, and SMEs with local audiences.  My experience is broad, but the one thing that runs through it all is my love for delivering for the customer. 

I’m a life-long learner, as I believe that people and businesses are never ‘finished’, they evolve and develop.  I love bringing my knowledge to my clients’ businesses.


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