How to use marketing metrics to health check your wellness business -

Do you ever have a regular health check?  Have you ever tried to do the same for your business? 

As a marketing expert I often see people who are getting leads in, but they don’t know where they are coming from.  They are putting effort into turning up regularly on social media, but don’t know what all that effort is actually doing for their business.

As a small business owner it’s important to be on top of your numbers.  Not just your cash flow, or the number of clients you are seeing, but also how your marketing activity is performing,

Let’s be honest, we don’t have hours to spend on our marketing. Not even me, as I’m busy working with clients and putting together great resources to help my audience.  When we do spend time on marketing our business it needs to bring in results.

Now, you may think that checking your metrics is just another another admin job that you could do without.  In fact, knowing your marketing numbers can help you plan your future activity, as you’re coming from a place of knowledge instead of guess work.  This will make your marketing more effective, and work smarter to get in those all-important clients.

 Here are my top metrics that will help you plan your future marketing:

Website Analytics

There is a wealth of data in Google Analytics, and if, like me, you’re a bit of a data geek you can be lost in there for hours!  So to make life easy, these are the key metrics to be looking at:

If you don’t check anything else, check this!  Are people actually visiting your website? Are they increasing? Are there any seasonal trends?

Page Views
Ideally, most visitors will look at more than one page, and you should be looking at an average page view per visit of around 2.5.

 Traffic Sources – Organic Search

These are the visitors who found your site by typing a search term into a search engine. This insight is an indication of which keywords are working for you.

Traffic Sources – Direct
People who have typed in your URL, or have book marked your site.

Traffic Sources – Referral
Trackable links from social media, emails and so on.  This is an indication of the effectiveness of your calls to action in your content marketing.

Bounce Rates
If people are coming to your site and navigating away it is not answering their search question.

Social Media Insights

Each social media platform will have its own insights, but you can look for similar information on each.

The number of users who have seen your content.

The number of likes and favourites your content has gained. It indicates the popularity of the post.

The applause rate plus shares and comment, deeper engagement than just hitting the like button. 

E-mail Marketing

Building a list is a safer way to grow your audience, as the data is ‘yours’.  Imagine if you only had an audience on Facebook and it closed down tomorrow, you would no longer have an audience or an opportunity to market to them.

But as with all marketing there’s no point in spending time and effort sending out content if no-one is listening.

Size of list
You should have a sales funnel in place to encourage new subscribers all the time.

Open rates
How many people who received the email actually looked at it.

Click through rate
If you have included a call to action (and you should!), this will indicate how many people have taken action.

By looking at these metrics regularly, at least once a month, you will see the effect of your digital marketing efforts.

If you would like some expert help understanding what your metrics means to your business, and how you can help them with your marketing and business strategy and your content planning do let me know.

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