How to create a VIP package for your wellness business - Vanessa Panter

Have you ever thought about creating a VIP package?

A VIP package is a great way to charge a premium by charging an extra special service.  When I first started my business it took me a while to settle on my hourly rate, as in the early days I had a couple of push backs from people who claimed my prices at the time were too high (they were over half what I charge now).

It scared me to let potential clients walk away, but I knew that I could not build a sustainable business at those prices.

I also knew that there were coaches out there charging 10 and even 100 times what I charge, so why were people telling me that I was too expensive?!

What I’m missing is a VIP package, and these can work well for any service-based business, including yours!

The Benefits of VIP packages

For your clients

Aside from getting the benefits of your services, some of your clients will love the exclusivity of having a VIP treatment.  Adding some special extras to your everyday service will turn it into a real treat for your clients, or make it even easier for them to achieve the transformation and results that they are looking for.

For you

You can charge a premium price if you are going the extra mile with your clients.  You can explore creative ways to add value that your clients will love.  It could be 1-2-1 time with you, support between appointments that you don’t normally offer, physical products that compliment your service, or a special venue, or an intensive session where they learn quickly. VIP packages don’t need to be for just one person, you can offer a VIP service to a small group too.

As you can charge a premium, you need to sell less of them. They offer a great way to upsell to your existing clients, or an opportunity to work with a different type of client. They can top up your regular income if you need a cash injection.  And they don’t need to take a lot of time or money to create.


“VIP packages can benefit both you and your clients”

Planning Your VIP package

The ideas stage

This is where you get to have lots of fun and be creative! 

First of all, dream up the ideal client for this package.  For this client price is a less important decision factor.   

Consider what this client’s deepest needs are, and how you can solve them.

No think about all the ways you can add to your existing service to make it truly special.  At this stage we’re just talking about ideas, so let your imagination run away with you. What could you do if money were no object and you had a team of people behind you.

Now take those BIG ideas and make them more realistic.  How can you make them happen on the resources you have available?  Would taking payment up-front ease the financial constraints you may have?


“Think BIG at the ideas stage”

Scope out the package.

Your VIP event can take any form you like.  Here are some ideas:

  • A 1-2-1 version of your group programme
  • A small group masterclass
  • Your standard service with bells and whistles
  • Your standard service with a higher level of personal support
  • An event in a special venue
  • A retreat
  • A workshop
  • An online service if you usually work in person
  • An in person service if you usually work online
  • A combination of your services packaged together with added value

Dig into the details.

Now you have an idea put the detail around the package.  If it’s an event where will you deliver it, how long will it be, will you need breaks, lunch, even an overnight stay. 

Think about before and after the event. 

How can you market it in a way that communicates how special it is? Check that your booking processes are truly VIP. And afterwards how will you follow up and continue to make those clients feel extra special?

Create excitement around the package from beginning to end. Every touchpoint the client has with your VIP package will qualify it in their mind (I love the term cognitive consonance!).

Using physical items is a great way to increase the VIP factor.  These could postal invitations or confirmation of booking for an event; workbooks, books or videos to help people prepare; relevant gifts on the day such as notebooks, equipment, books, handouts, food gifts and complimentary catering.

Themes for VIP packages.

Keep it simple!  You might be tempted to bundle up all your services into one package, but overwhelm doesn’t make your clients feel good – keep it simple!

Here are some themes that can work as a VIP package:

  • Getting started – kick-starting a journey and taking to the first milestone together
  • Overcoming a specific concern or fear
  • Getting unstuck – pushing through a plateau
  • Moving to the next level
  • A step-by-step programme
  • Skill mastery 

Offer more support in your VIP package than in your standard offer.  This might be 1-2-1 or small group sessions, unlimited phone and email support between sessions, or follow up sessions.

Be confident and put it out there!

When you have worked out your VIP offer and priced it accordingly you might feel like saying “no-one will ever pay that”.  Here’s my tip, just put it out there!  Add it to your website and see what happens.  If it’s an event, set up a waitlist and see who joins.

One last thing….

A VIP package should be fun for you to deliver too.  If the thought of running a 1-2-1 session instead of a group class fills you with dread, then think of how you can maybe run smaller VIP groups instead.  If you don’t want the hassle of hiring a venue and sorting catering hold an online masterclass via Zoom instead.  It’s how you dress it up that makes it VIP, and at the end of the day it’s all about the transformation you can offer to your clients.

Jump onto my mailing list if you want to hear about my VIP package when it’s ready.  In the meantime, I’d love to know how you support your VIPs, let me know in the comments. xx