Getting your first clients - where do you start? - Vanessa Panter

You’re newly qualified and raring to go, but now what?  Finding those all-important first few clients feels like a harder task than qualifying.

Knowing where to start is super difficult when you feel like you’re staring at a blank piece of paper.

I’m here to help!  It might feel daunting at the moment, but follow these tips and you’ll be well placed to get your business up and running.

Let’s dive straight in!

My top tips for getting your first clients 

“Decide on your signature service”

Decide on your signature service

Or as I call it, your ‘bread and butter’ service.  This is the service that will be the main stay of your business. That will bring in the most clients, and that you will make the most money from.  This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive (though you might want to consider having a VIP option), but you should be able to sell enough every month to hit your sales goals.

As you’ve gone through your training you probably have an idea of the areas that interest you most, and where you feel you can make the most difference to your clients. Choosing a signature service will help you focus on this, allowing you to build your experience and expertise in this area, and start to become known for this one thing.  You’ll be able to set your pricing accordingly and be really clear in your marketing.

So ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your ‘WHY’ – why did you choose this path? Often we choose to work in an area that we ourselves have experienced as a client. What struggle did you overcome using the tools that you have now learned?
  • What is your zone of genius? We all have something we are really good at, although we do many other things in our work. Focus on the thing that you excel at (and don’t be shy – self-promotion is vital to building your business!)
  • Which part of your work do you enjoy the most? It might be meal-planning for an NT, or deep stretching for a PT.  Build your signature service around the things you love to do, and you’ll enjoy working even more.
  • What problems are you happiest solving? You might not know yet, but once you have some experience you will learn that there are some client transformations that they are really proud of, or issues that they are feel real joy at resolving.  Be mindful of how you feel about your clients results and focus on those that bring you a sense of achievement.

Knowing what your signature service (you might here it called a niche) will also help you attract your ideal clients…..

“Identify your Ideal Client”

Identify your Ideal Client

If you start to follow me regularly you’ll hear me talk about Ideal Clients A LOT! 

It is so important for you to know who you are marketing to.  These are the people that are most likely to buy your signature service, that you want to work with and can afford your services.

Remember if you are working with children that your ideal client will be the parent or whoever is making decisions on behalf of the child, and ultimately, paying the bill.

Why have an ideal client? If you try to market to everyone you end up marketing to nobody at all.  Not everyone believes me when I say that, but it’s been proven time and time again.

You want people to self-identify with your marketing – they need to say ‘that’s me! I need (the thing that you’re selling).


“Create your Mission Statement”

Create your mission statement. 
Your mission statement is like pointing north on a compass – it’s the direction that you are always heading in your business.

Your mission statement should include

Who you are

Who you help

How you help

The transformation they achieve

For example:

“I am a marketing and business coach who helps health and wellness professionals get clear on their strategy, plans and actions that will connect them with their dream clients.”

You can read more about writing a mission statement here.

“Grow your Email List”

Grow your email list.

Think of your email list as an asset of your business that needs to be grown and nurtured.  It is an asset because you own it.  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media, you don’t own that platform, and if it disappeared you’d be left high and dry.  You own your list, and in my opinion it’s the best way to create connections with your clients and prospects.

How do you do this?

  • You need to choose an email service provider (MailChimp, MailierlIte, Constant Contact etc.)
  • Create a lead magnet. This is something that you offer, usually for free, that you give people in exchange for their email address. You will have probably signed up for a lead magnet yourself.  Now that you’re aware of them look out for the offers and types of lead magnet that you think might appeal to your ideal client. Some ideas include curated recipes, meal plans, mini work out sessions, relaxation tips, mindset tips.  The scope is endless. 
  • Then decide on the media, will you create a pdf, an e-book, a video, a free webinar or talk, a quiz.  Think about what would appeal to your ideal client.  Do they want something quick and easy, or more in depth?  Are you offering tips or a longer explanation?  Would this be better in written form or delivered in person.  Do you need slides or graphics to help deliver the info?
  • Use your chosen social media channel to promote your lead magnet.
  • Create an email marketing plan and connect with your list regularly. Depending on your business and your ideal client this could be anything from once a month to once a week, or even more frequently depending on your goals.  Try to post at a regular day and time so that your audience know when to expect something new from you, and make the content valuable to them.

“Go all out on ONE social media channel”

Go all out on ONE social media channel.

When you know who your ideal client is you’ll know where they are hanging out online.  My advice is don’t try and hit all the social media channels at one.  Go to where your ideal client will be.  Chances are for a wellness business they will be on Facebook or Instagram.  But if you signature service and ideal client are focussed on wellness at work then LinkedIn might be the right choice for you

 Create a content plan, so that you aren’t trying to think of what to post every day.  Then find a posting routine that works for you.  You might like to post every day, or pick a day and create and schedule for the week or longer.


> Choose your signature service

> Identify your ideal client

> Grow your email list

> Go all out on ONE social media channel

If you’re thinking that there’s a lot to consider when you’re marketing your business your right, there is!  But take it a few steps at a time.  If you don’t have many clients right now, then you have the time to work on your marketing and doing it well.

Doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

If you need some help please get in touch, you don’t need to figure it all out on your own.  You’ll risk wasting time and money, when you could be getting clients booked in right from the start.