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Six Ways to Beat the Facebook Algorithm 2020

It’s often said that organic reach is at an all time low for business pages.  If you are investimg time, energy and money into creating great content but it’s still not gettign in front of enough people this post is for you.

I’ll be giving you my six to tips for getting your content in front of the people that really matter to your business.

What is the algorithm?

Despite what you may feel, it’s not there to hinder your business!

As a  Facebook user it is there to help you see content that is most relevant to you.  You don’t see what is posted chronologically, you are shown what Facebook thinks you will appreciate most based on your actions, and for ads on other information which helps the advertisier target you, such as location and interests.

To get an idea of the information this is based on, pop over to your news feed and pick a post.  Go to the three dots in the top right hand corner and scroll down to Why Am I Seeing This Post.  Facebook have a explanation here too.

Audience First

As with everything that I teach, it all starts with your Ideal Client!

Purely building a large number of followers for the sake of it isn’t going to help in the long run.  Your family and freinds may be very happy to like you page, but are they really interested in what you are posting?  

Put as much effort into curating your audience as you do into creating your content.  The two go hand-in-hand.  Invite people to like your page that fit your Ideal Client profile.

You can always try asking your followers to set their notifications to All Posts, so that they are shown your content.

“Use Insights to Understand Your Audience”

Having a Facebook business page means that you can get useful insights.

Information such as the gender, age and location of your followers will tell you whether you are attracting those who fit your ideal client profile.

Using the ‘Posts” data you can see when your fans are online.  Try changing up when you post so that your content is more likely to be seen.  We often assume that if we post at 9am in the morning our fans will have the opportunity to see our post all day, but that’s not necessarily the case. 

You can see the reach and engagement that for individual posts.  You can repurpose your best preforming posts, or review those that havent done so well.  Look for posts that have got great engagement and review why that might be.  Was it a great call to action?  If so, use it again!  Did a particular picture get lots of reach? Use something similar in the future. Review what you do on Facebook regularly and use the insights to learn and improve.



Content is King!

Firstly, are you posting often and consistently? Consistency is key with all marketing, but never more so than social media.  You need to keep fuelling the engine!

My advice is to create with your audience in mind first and foremost.  Video and lives are said to be rewarded with greater reach.  Mix up your types of content to give your audience a great experience.

Encourage engagement by sparking conversations.  Think how you might break the ice in real life.

A word about hashtags.  They can be useful for search within Facebook, but dont overdo it.  If you are sharing content across Instagram and Facebook go into the FB post and remove some of the hashtags.  Try using a campaign hashtag that is unique to your business. 

“Conversation Counts”

Reply – Its ‘social’ media!

Always reply when someone has taken the time to comment on your posts.  Open up a dialogue, remember its the posts with most engagement that will get shown to more people! 

A comment may prompt more questions from you, or an opportunity to help. 

Speak as you would in real life.  Even if your brand tone is formal you should still write conversationally, it helps people to connect with you.

And of course you can use emoji’s too, something we dontget to do when were speaking in real life!


“Boost vs. Ads”

Should you use the Boost button?

Facebook ads can be low cost, and the cheapest option of all is often to boost a post.

Many Ad Managers will encourage you to avoid boosting.  But, if you have a post that is performing well you might want to ride the crest and get it in fro of more eyes with a boost.  The good news is that a boosted post will be targeted, so you will have the opportunity to bring more ICAs into your world.

Using ads is a great way to build a targeted audience quickly. You don’t need to spend lots of money to get in front of your potential clients.  I’d suggest running a well planned ad campaign than boosting individual posts as a rule.

“To link or not to link”

The general consensus is that posts that include links aren’t shown to as many people

Facebook wants to keep you on its platform.  But what if your call to action is to move someone away?  You might want your viewers to go to a landing page, website, or booking system.

Stay true to the objective of your post, and make it as easy as possible for your audience to take the next step.

There are a number of ways to add links to posts.  I’d suggest that you try them, and see what works for you and your audience.  You can include the link in a post, comment on your post with the link, or ask people to request the link in the comments.  You can then add the link to the comments, or send it via messenger.

 Monitor what works for you and try different options.

Summary – create content for your audience, not to beat the algorithm.

If you are creating content that your audience are organically engaging with, you’re on the right tracks. This can help them see even more of your posts.

Mix up the types of posts you create, use video and lives.  Write conversationally, stay on brand, but write as if you are speaking to one person.  Stay social, create and particiapte in conversations and enjooy the process! 


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